Maggie Q- Nikita

Maggie Q - Nikita

Humanitarian, spokesperson and international actress Maggie Q stars as Nikita. Taught to be an invisible assassin by the ultra-secret government agency Division, Nikita has gone rogue, and vows to destroy the now-corrupt agency that trained her.

Humanitarian, spokesperson and international actress Maggie Q stars as Nikita in the new high-octane drama of the same name. Taught to be an invisible assassin by the ultra-secret government agency Division, Nikita has gone rogue, and vows to destroy the now-corrupt agency that trained her.

Maggie has continuously captivated audiences worldwide by showing her versatility in graceful and seductive roles with immense international appeal, working opposite some of the world's most established actors, including Hugh Jackman in Deception, Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III.

Born in Hawaii to an American father and Vietnamese mother, Maggie spent her childhood competing in swimming and track and field events. At the age of 18, she moved to Hong Kong to pursue a career in modeling. She quickly rose to top-model status in many parts of Asia and has appeared on more than 200 magazine covers throughout the world.

Most recently, Maggie appeared in New York, I Love You, directed by Yvan Attal, and the Chinese epic Warrior and the Wolf, directed by award-winning director Zhuangzhuang Tian. Maggie received the Maverick Award for Warrior and the Wolf at the 2009 Hawaiian International Film Festival.

As a humanitarian, Maggie gives much of her time and effort to animal rights. She lends her voice to Animals Asia Foundation's various campaigns, and also works with Human Rights Action Center and Best Friends Animal Society. Her public service announcement (PSA) to rescue China's moon bears is currently airing throughout Asia, and she is also working on another PSA campaign for Best Friends. Additionally, Maggie produced the 2007 documentary Earthlings, which took a startling look at the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, which rely entirely on animals for profit.

When not filming on location or traveling the world to speak out for her charitable causes, Maggie resides in Los Angeles, where she lives with several rescue dogs.

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User comments
I have been hoping that GO would finally replace some of there repeats with nikita,try and keep this series on, thank you.
Thank you Go for putting Nikita back on. It's not exactly a great timeslot (11 pm on a Tuesday), but nevertheless, thank you for listening.
Just checked foxtel and it looks like Nikita will be back on air on Tuesay 23 August at 11 pm. Thanks Go for putting it back on air for the fans.
Nikita was the only show on TV I would watch religiously, but since it has totally disappeared from GO! (after they cleverly decided to change the air days and times with the logic of a pinball machine) in the last month, I no longer watch any TV show regularly. Thanks GO! But why should I be surprised? I watched Top Gear religiously until your parent, Channel 9, mangled it and put shows from several years ago on endless replay. Now I never watch Top Gear. All Nikita fans should stop watching Channel 9 and GO! until Nikita comes back. And that pathetic excuse for a TV show, Uplate, is a joke. High school kids could put together a better TV show for a year 9 communications project.
I, like most of the recent fans posting here, am disappointed that I have to look up fixplay continuously to watch Nikita as I missed the schedule change and did not find it in the TV guide. As this forum will not let me post the link to ninemsn support, I suggest all the fans reading this post, google 'ninemsn support' to find the best way to submit a complaint. I suggest google as I could not find it by browsing their website.
Where do all the TV shows go. Nikita is advertised as a TV show on GO! web site. But like all other popular shows GO! cannot leave shows alone. they change time slots or take off air within hours of advertised show. How about GO! learn more about what demographiic they are targeting & get their programmers to have some brains. When you advertise a show for a day & time this is when viewers expect it to be next week, not at midnight or early hours or not at all. With lots of shows having a ongoing story throughout their seasons, viewers are turned off from watching a show if they can no longer follow a storyline, because the the channel chooses to continually move shows.
I agree with the posts - even if you chop & change the airing times (which is annoying at best), PLEASE at least see out the season of Nikita! Or at worst, put it on FixPlay. I am annoyed that i have to keep searching TV guides for this show, and am perpetually disappointed that it's either not showing one week, or as i now see it's not coming up at all in near future. PLEASE if there's a comment moderator can you respond to these comments as it's pretty obvious ppl want this back on. Don't want to sacrifice my personal integrity by watching it elsewhere. Esp, when i know that the new season has already started in its country of origin!
Nikita has disappeared off the face of the earth - in Australia that is. And the TV broadcasting stations keep wondering why people resort to downloads!!
Lets hope you listen to all these comments and it's not too late for some - and for others it will be difficult to trust again. my preference is you schedule your shows and keep to it to the time slot allocated regardless if the show is on the cutting board for next season. The next time I start watching anything on GO again,,, if it moves time slot --- you can forget about this viewer ---- stop changing the schedule or risk losing your viewers..
Why does GO! keep bumping Nikita off the schedule? Finish the season !!!!!


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