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Tue 27 Jan 03:00 AM
Follow the professional and personal lives of all your favourite celebrities as the TMZ team tracks them down whether they are hitting the hot Hollywood clubs or the dry cleaners.
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30 mins
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User comments
TMZ should definatly be on at a better time so that more people can discover the awsomeness of this hilarious show!!! Just 'cause there are snooty people who hate tmz it doesn't mean that the show is crap it means those people have no sense of humour. Also all the people who said TMZ is crap either went through the effort of staying up till 4 in the moring to watch it or are unemployed, so before you diss TMZ just remember you have no life and if you say it's crap we'll all know that you're unemployed!
come put TMZ on at a normal time, you have all the crap like the bachelor etc taking up prime time, also GET RID OF HOME SHOPPING!! Go is meant to be 24hrs get ren and stimpy and stuff like that for filler in the morning hours..people are still watching!!k thx =)
Put TMZ on at a watchable time or forget about it what is the point of 11am or 4am get rid of the ancient rubbish and put on TMZ!!!!!
I really cant believe anyone watches this crap. anyone who thinks watching some boring celeb making a stupid comment while getting into their car outside a nightclub and then have a group of people talk about it for ages, has really gotta do something about their lives. find something better to do with your free time and goTV, find something better to put on. I dont think i can handle anymore lame tiger woods gossip. and to "what_does_TMZ_stand_for", we write these comments so goTV can get feed back and hopefully get rid of terrible shows like tmz. also, get rid of those ancient cartoons. marine boy was a lame cartoon when i was a kid and its still lame now. same goes for the flinstones and the jetsons. what ever happened to the classics like ren n stimpy and rockos modern life, they're awesome cartoons that never got the airtime in aus that they deserved. Get ur act together go!
I have so been enjoying Vampire Diaries and getting it "fast tracked" from the USA has made life so much easier. I used to have to download shows because it took FOREVER for them to come to Australia but now I don't even go on the net to find out what happened any more preferring to wait and see. I've never been one for surprises but this show is delightful enough for the wait. Thanks GO Channel.
I agree with Caz, get with it! Freaks and Geeks is awesome, get some more shows like that, Dead Like Me etc. Also, Captain Planet really deserves a time slot.
TMZ is the dumbest show on TV and that is saying something. Why do the Australian Networks feed us this crap. And if we dont come here and vent how else are we going to let GO or the other networks know that not all of the Australian public are too stupid to know what pass's for decent TV viewing.
I hate this is is always on and it is crap.....put some some of the old shows that we haven't seen like freaks and geeks, my so called life, dawsons creek etc....GO is meant to be for youth so make it that way and put shows for youth on....cause i'm sick of watching old granny crap from the 70's....get with the program and the generation who is watching your channel!
I love TMZ but I'm so over them talking about Jersey Shore and NOT being able to watch it! PLEASE GET JERSEY SHORE!
OMG i heart TMZ so much!! Please put it at a more friendlier time slot though... 12.30 is a bit late for those of us who have to wake up early to go to work. Its not even like they show rude stuff that the kiddies can't watch!!! Thanks for having it still on anyways. And thanks for making it pretty much up to date, I think it's only like one or two days behind the US!


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